Design & Development

Our expert design and development engineers provides all building engineering services design starts from strategy levels and up to detailed design and specifications according to your investments objectives.

Development Services

Aroli provides a wide range of services within building Engineering and Sustainability practices. We also partner with specialist agencies as and when required according to the project requirement, specialized services design such as Acoustics, Fire Engineering Services and automation etc. Our services include;

  • Design Schematic& Reports
  • Electrotechnical Design
  • Engineering Specification
  • CAD services
  • Planning
  • Market Research
  • Feasibilities Studies
  • Entry and Exit Strategies
  • Lease Advisory

Construction Design Review

Our building design review services enables developers, users and investors to identify operational elements such as:

  • Estimating life cycle costing
  • Building operating cost & CAM charges estimation
  • Recommending design changes to reduce operational cost
  • Identifying missing elements to enhance operations
  • Commissioning strategy development and independent commissioning agent